Student becomes ill after eating alleged 'pot brownie'

A 16-year-old Burroughs High School student was hospitalized Thursday after consuming an alleged marijuana brownie in the morning, and later getting sick at school, police said.

The male student reportedly consumed what he said was a “pot brownie” at home before school, and then became ill at around 9:30 a.m., said Burbank Police Sgt. Darin Ryburn.

Paramedics transported the student to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center for treatment. Information about where the student purchased or obtained the brownie was unavailable, Ryburn said.

“This is a very good lesson learned for everyone not to purchase alleged narcotics or food that is believed to be laced with marijuana,” Ryburn said, adding that the food could contain other drugs. “You don’t know what they put in that brownie.”

The investigation into the incident remains ongoing.

-- Alene Tchekmedyian,

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