Update: No current LAX flights diverted to Bob Hope Airport

No flights were diverted to Burbank following a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport Friday morning, but airlines could still choose to do so, said Bob Hope Airport spokesman Victor Gill.

"There has been discussion of possibly diverting a flight or two, but nothing is confirmed," he said. "In any case the number of flights we’re talking about are very small in number so they shouldn’t have any real impact on the airport’s operation."

Gill said that overall, the pace of business at Bob Hope Airport was not noticeably different today, aside from heightened security measures like an expanded Airport Police presence and vehicle searches for all cars entering the airport’s short-term parking structure.

"It appears to be a normal day in terms of airport users here," he said. "It appears to be normal amount of passengers." 

-- Daniel Siegal, daniel.siegal@latimes.com

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