Burbank Councilman's restaurant hosts grand opening

Burbank Councilman Gary Bric hosted the grand opening of his restaurant Monday after being forced to shut it down for roughly seven weeks when a motorist crashed a car into the building.

Gary Bric’s Ramp, located at 7730 N. Hollywood Way, underwent a number of repairs after a man rammed a stolen car into the restaurant in October, leaving a “big, gaping hole” in the building, crushing a booth and rupturing gas and water lines.

Bric said the incident caused more than $100,000 in damages to his business when taking into account structural damage to the building and compensation for his employees who were out of work during the closure.

But on Tuesday, he said the restaurant was “slammed” with customers during Monday’s grand opening.

“It was very busy all day and night,” Bric said.

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