On the Town: School's open house welcomes community

Families, friends, supporters, neighbors and students of St. Robert Bellarmine Elementary gathered on the school's campus last week for an open house that included various activities, classroom tours, food and music.

This annual event provides parents of students and prospective students, along with members of the community-at-large, the opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled day and meet with school staff and faculty.

Among the performers featured during the day were various bands from the Burbank School of Rock, kindergartners who sang under the direction of Wyomi Fernando and the St. Robert Bellarmine school band directed by David Etterbeek.

Also featured were participants in Schooly Groove, an extracurricular after-school program that offers various programs including a science class that explores the ingredients and methods used in making various candies and confections as well as a program called Music Video Dance Groove, in which students become junior choreographers and directors as they produce and shoot music videos.

"This event typifies the spirit of what our school is about," said Principal Melissa Ronan, who became the school's principal this past year. "It also gives me the chance to meet with families, get to know them in a casual setting and for our teachers to show off all of the educational opportunities we offer their children."

Throughout the day, hundreds of participants hopped from classroom to classroom to see various academic and artistic displays along with science fair projects created by students from all grade levels.

School officials also proudly showcased their newly renovated computer lab.

Along with having the chance to peruse students' work, the event also included the opportunity for folks to have lunch or snacks provided by a variety of food trucks and for artistically face-painted kids to participate in a scavenger hunt.

Among the special guests in attendance at last week's open house were St. Robert Bellarmine Pastor Fr. John Collins, Vice Principal Rachel Rufus-Ruiz, Office Administrator Shirley Rufus and school faculty and staff members including Melissa Weyek, Anna Lucero, Deborah Mariscal, Xenia Renteria, Claudia Gleason, Sawsan Ibrahim, Caroline Behrens, Margaret Nardoni, Theresa Coomes, Shirley Rufus, Donna Santa Cruz, Jose Robles and Lance Alexander.


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