City of Burbank, management union reach accord

The city reached an agreement with the Burbank management union in which its employees will pay their full employee pension contributions, a move that is expected to save city coffers more than half a million dollars through 2015.

The 190 employees in the Burbank Management Assn. will immediately begin paying the full 8% cost of their employee pension contribution — up from the 1% they currently pay — when the contract goes into effect Sunday.

In exchange, the members will get an immediate 1.5% salary increase, and over the next two fiscal years, they’ll receive 2% and 2.5% salary increases, respectively.

That’s a 6% salary bump over the life of the contract.

The labor agreement will save the city $583,490 over the next two years, according to a city report.

The new contract also includes lowering the bottom salary ranges by 10% — which will impact new employees — starting this year, and increasing the universal leave cash-out for employees from 210 to 250 hours annually, according to the report.

Negotiations between the management union and the city began in May 2012.

As Burbank faces growing pension costs, city officials have sought to reach agreements with its different labor unions requiring their employees pay the member-contribution costs of their pensions.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has been paying the full 8% member contribution since 2008, while members of the Burbank Fire Fighters union are on track to pay their full 9% contribution next year.

Then, members of the Burbank Fire Fighters Chief Officers’ Unit will fund all of their 9% contribution the following year.

All other groups currently pay smaller portions of their member contributions, according to a city report.


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