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Letter to the Editor: Airport noise affects Burbankers too, not just neighboring communities

Studio City residents
About 60 people from Studio City and the south San Fernando Valley voiced their concerns about airplaine noise to the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority on July 15. Burbank resident Roy Wiegand writes that the City Council needs to better understand its own constituents are suffering too.
(Anthony Clark Carpio/Burbank Leader)

The Airport Authority report, and Burbank City Council response at this week’s council meeting was misleading. Yes, they absolutely need to address the travesty of noise our airport has foisted upon Studio City and Sherman Oaks, but contrary to what executive director Miller stated, we are suffering greatly here in Burbank as well.

It’s common knowledge now, but just a reminder: The airport’s own noise monitors (positioned here in Burbank) show there is more noise since NextGen was implemented in 2016-17. Please do not disregard, or ignore, the spokespeople for these issues.

Many of the residents living in the affected Burbank neighborhoods have given up on reaching out to their elected Burbank representatives, as well as recording noise complaints, because they don’t see/hear any positive change, only more and more noise overhead. We elected our City Council members to protect our quality of life, anything short of that and they are working against us. Our council members must tell, not ask, the airport and FAA to go back to former procedures, and give their constituents some relief, as well as those in Los Angeles.

Roy Wiegand