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Letter: It’s hypocritical of Burbank City Council to ban pot shops

A Burbank resident decries the ban on marijuana businesses within city limits, while vape shops and liquor stores are allowed.
(Kevin Frayer / Associated Press)

What is the Burbank City Council’s reasoning in banning the presence of legal marijuana stores within city limits? Doesn’t that restriction eliminate a valuable revenue stream for the cash-strapped city? Does the City Council actually believe that people don’t use marijuana in Burbank?

On the other hand, there are numerous vape shops in all Burbank neighborhoods. Vaping is very addictive and has been shown to be much more damaging to lung tissue than marijuana use.

What about alcohol? Alcohol is an addictive drug that contributes to tens of thousands of deaths annually. Yet there are virtually unlimited sources of alcoholic beverages in Burbank.

There appears to be much hypocrisy on the part of the City Council regarding pot shops. It turns a blind eye to vaping and drinking alcohol but denies access to marijuana within the city. People are freely buying their pot in other cities where it’s actually cheaper than it would be in Burbank because the sales tax is lower.


Thomas Saito