Letters: Let’s not toast to city-endorsed events where alcohol is served

A large crowd turned out for this year’s Wine Walk in downtown Burbank. The City Council should do what is right and call out alcohol for what it is: an addictive drug,” resident Thomas Saito writes in a letter to the editor.
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The city of Burbank actively opposes marijuana stores and, recently, vape shops within city limits. However, celebrations of alcohol such as craft beer festivals and the recent Winter Wine Walk are praised and welcomed by the city.

The City Council should do what is right and call out alcohol for what it is: an addictive drug. Alcoholism pervades and influences many negative aspects of our society, including domestic violence, child abuse, premature illness and death, traffic accidents, poor work performance, etc.

At least one member of the council needs to be courageous enough to oppose the hypocrisy of celebrations of alcohol and categorize the addictive substance alongside marijuana, vaping, opioids and tobacco. Better still, the entire City Council should resolve not to endorse or extol any events that derive their popularity from the consumption of alcohol. Don’t hold your breath for that in this city.

Thomas Saito



As children, we are taught the age-old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” which seeks to teach about the error in judging people by their outward appearance. It seems Dave Berger, who in a letter to the editor publicly criticized Councilman Tim Murphy’s attire as disrespectful, is yet to take this saying to heart.

Let’s remember that in the past two years over 300 well-dressed, high-profile top executives and government leaders have resigned or been removed for sexual harassment, bullying, misconduct, misdeeds or unethical behavior. Clearly, a high-priced salary and fancy clothes do not make a respectable man.

If Mr. Berger took the time to know Councilman Murphy he might be pleasantly surprised to find that he has a great respect for veterans. Tim has represented veterans in legal cases pro bono and continues to offer free legal advice and aid to veterans. Tim’s father was a decorated World War II Veteran who enlisted to fight against Nazi tyranny.


We are grateful for Tim’s incredible record of community involvement. We have seen his selfless service and volunteer efforts firsthand. He is always one of the first to pick up a broom or clear the plates at a charity event. We know he gives a pass on the sleek car and wardrobe so as to attend to the hungry child, homeless senior and mistreated woman.

Today let’s reflect on our veteran’s history of service and also take to heart the many wise proverbs that build character and community. Let’s strive to be kind to one another in Burbank. Young ears are listening, young eyes are watching — the future is theirs, and from now on we must be better.

Marsha and Dave Ramos

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