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Letter: Multiple reasons to vote for Rogers

Here’s one reason why we should elect Will Rogers to the Burbank City Council: no other candidate or current council member has his depth of understanding regarding the Bob Hope Airport, the issues surrounding the proposed airport terminal expansion and the Lockheed B-6 opportunity site. The combined impact of these two massive construction proposals will be huge and long-lasting — not just for those living in the flight path, but for all of Burbank. This is a critical time to make sure that we have someone on the council examining the proposals carefully and insisting that we do not rush into these projects without input from the community.

I have long admired Rogers’ tenacious determination to seek out the facts in any situation and his insistence that decisions should be based on objective data.

He is just not going to jump on board with a half-baked construction project. He is going to ask questions, demand answers and insist upon transparency.

Rogers won’t sugarcoat bad news. If, say for example, Burbank is stuck with an old contractual agreement to mitigate traffic congestion at the Empire Center, he’s not going to pretend we can wrangle out of it without ridiculous taxpayer expense. You can count on Rogers to call it as he sees it.


And you can count on him to step up to his promises. Whether it’s teaching a playwriting workshop to kindergarten students through fifth-graders, or serving on the board of BTAC, if you have asked Rogers to do something for this community, and he has said yes, you can consider it done.

Jill Herbertson