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Letter: Realtors aren’t the same as developers

Re: “It’s been a week of local election madness,” Stop the Presses column, Feb. 7. Editor Dan Evans seems misguided regarding Realtors and developers. Your average local Realtor at the Burbank Assn. of Realtors lives and owns here in Burbank, understand the concerns of the average homeowner, is a neighbor and a friend who gives back to the city. They want what is best for the community, want to protect neighborhoods and care deeply about the balance between growth and maintaining our residential neighborhoods, where kids can play and people can commute easily to their jobs and shopping.

We understand and sell the police, fire, schools and other services that are so vital to our great city and we fight to maintain the small-town feel to which we have all become accustomed. Realtors are not working for developers but are looking out for the average homeowners. Evans indicates we are concerned about the 58-acre opportunity site near the Bob Hope Airport and he is right. As a Burbank Realtor I want to be sure that the site is developed in a way that enhances our city and doesn’t have a negative impact on our residents.

Realtors sell homes, not big developments. Large commercial real estate agents are generally not Realtors. There is a large distinction between the two and I would hope Evans would understand the difference. I believe that is why the Burbank Assn. of Realtors has endorsed Chris Rizzotti, someone I believe is a champion of the rights of the homeowners and property rights. Someone who cares deeply about this city and its cautious, continued growth. The only ulterior motive is for a better Burbank and I wish Evans could see the simple truth.

Eric Benz



Editor’s Note: The writer is branch manager of Dilbeck Real Estate on Glenoaks Boulevard.