Letters to the Editor: Cyclists vote for more bike-friendly City Council, reader questions paper’s size

The Burbank City Council election normally attracts the participation of only about 10% of its registered voters. However, voting in the recent race for a council seat was up over 15%, according to news reports. This is because many local bicyclists, who had never bothered to participate, voted and campaigned vigorously in the city’s election this month after years of feeling disrespected by a member of the council who just got voted out of office.

Bike riders were no longer content to be the “silent majority” in our community and thus organized themselves into a voting block that tipped the close election results to a candidate more of their liking. That’s the democratic way!

I believe the City Council will now have more respect for cyclists as a political force and be more accommodating to their issues, such as creating more bike safety lanes on busy streets, as well as allowing them equal access to public areas.

Doug Weiskopf


What has happened to the once good Burbank Leader? It has thinned down to four pages.

And why has Ray Richmond’s enjoyable column disappeared?

Nina Trotta-Sutton
Simi Valley