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Letters to the Editor: Readers disagree with restaurant owner’s view on NFL controversy

Re: “No NFL games out of respect,” Mailbag, Nov. 11. I am sure Gary Bric’s feelings expressed in his letter to the editor are sincere, well-intended and patriotic. I would “defend unto death” his right to express his opinion in this great country of ours.

My opinion differs from his, as is my guaranteed right under the United States Constitution. To my mind, the protests by the NFL players are not meant as an insult to our gallant service men and women. It is a striking and timely protest about the racial profiling and sometimes deadly attention that is disproportionately paid to young African American men and women in America. The prison population and other statistically proven data make this a crisis that needs to be dealt with by drastic measures.

I respect every service person’s service and sacrifice, and I respect Colin Kaepernick’s service and sacrifice in the effort to make our Republic a shining example to the rest of the world.

Steve Eastin




Re: “No NFL games out of respect,” Mailbag, Nov. 11. Mr. Bric, you certainly may boycott anything you want but get your facts straight. The NFL players’ — and some owners’ — protests are to bring public attention to the unusually high number of black men accidentally shot by police and racial bias in general. The reason you state for your protest that, “the disrespect shown by taking a knee...(to those) that served and made the ultimate sacrifice” is a creation of the president, Fox News and the Republican party.

I gave you more credit to do your research before forming an opinion rather than following a specific crowd. Do you think that all of a sudden black athletes don’t like Betsy Ross’ work or that of Francis Scott Key? Do you think that one day black athletes decided not to like veterans or those that gave the ultimate sacrifice? Let’s not be silly.


You choose to boycott the NFL and ask others to join you. I choose to respect your opinion, no matter how misguided, and not boycott your business. I ask that everyone think and make your opinions based on facts and not manufactured emotion. The flag is an emotional symbol, let’s not allow others to manipulate it to gain a political advantage.

By the way, I notice you choose to protest at your place of work, just like the NFL players.

Norwood Price