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Editorial: Big stores equal good signs

Word this week that Ashley Furniture and Burlington Coat Factory would be filling the voids left behind where Circuit City and Mervyn’s once stood has brought a welcome sense of relief that we wouldn’t have to once again see prime retail space taken over by a seasonal Halloween costume store — the tell-tale sign of economic blight.

That this change over is occurring at a time when the economic outlook remains weak at best is also a testament to Burbank’s viability and the overtures no doubt made by city development officials.

In the ebb and flow of economic downturns, it’s during the ebb that most cities can truly take stock in their ability to attract outside investment. If a city like Burbank can still attract major retailers to prominent locations during the tough times, it’s a pretty good indication of its standing on the business front. And when so much of a city’s revenue is based on local sales tax, new business additions should make everyone feel a little more confident.