Mailbag: Writer took quite a leap in bike letter

Regarding Steve Urbanovich’s letter (“Streets are made for cars, not bicycles,” Sept. 18), finally, someone has the courage and insight to connect the dots between bicycle riders and the tragedy of 9/11.

Pack your bags, Mr. Urbanovich. You’re going to Congress!


Charles Carney



Streets used to be for horses

I read Steve Urbanovich’s Mailbag letter in Saturday’s Leader regarding bike lanes (Streets are made for cars, not bicycles,” Sept. 18).

He thinks that bike lanes are “insanity,” “a conspiracy,” and that they are part of “a determination to bring this country down.”

Wow, someone’s very agitated by these little white lines. Here’s just some reasons why biking can be better: It reduces our dependence on oil; reduces congestion on our roadways; reduces noise on our streets.


Bikes also reduce wear and tear on our cars and roads; are easier to park and more parking available for those drivers that really need it; save money vs. driving; and reduce smog in one of the smoggiest places in the U.S.

Biking is also sometimes faster than driving. I can ride from home to work in eight minutes. Using the car with time spent parking takes 10 minutes.

Bike lanes encourage exercise. America is one fat country. Two-thirds of us are overweight. In France, I was stunned at how trim everyone was. They all walked or biked a lot. The only fat people I saw were American tourists. If we had more opportunity to walk or bike, it could help reverse our obesity.

We have excellent weather for biking. With year-round averages near 60 degrees, we are more capable of riding almost all year vs. places like Buffalo, N.Y.


Urbanovich states, “The streets are for cars, period.”

Folks said the same about horses 100 years ago.

David Knight


People need to vote on Nov. 2

On Sept. 17, we celebrated Constitution Day, in which 223 years ago, 39 men with their quill pens ratified the United States Constitution, uniting the nation under one set of laws.

One of the most important Articles of that Constitution was our right to vote. The right to change it all if the people so choose, and never before in our history is that vote needed as it is now.

President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed at a White House Conference of Governors, on May 13, 1908, “We have to, as a nation, exercise foresight for this nation in the future; and if we do not exercise that foresight, dark will be the future!”

It is this present time that he was talking about. On Nov. 2 we have a magnificent opportunity to change things in Washington like never before in our history.

I personally do not care how inexperienced those we may elect will be; in fact, I believe that is exactly what we need! But no matter what we do, we must remove one of the most corrupt and socialist-leaning group of leaders that I have ever known in my lifetime. They must go, and we the people have that right to remove them all.

Roosevelt also stated that “one distinguishing characteristic of really civilized people is foresight.” It is time to change Congress, lock stock and barrel, and “party” has nothing to do with it. Hopefully it will take a while before the new ones we put in will become corrupt. Until then, we will have a country that will be back on track!

Vote on Nov. 2 — this time it really counts!

Joseph Di Sante