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Ramani a model citizen

I have known Sunder Ramani for 20 years. He is a model citizen and we should all aspire to be like him.

He has served on boards and committees in multiple cities for many years. Why? Because he is great at getting behind a good cause or organization and rallying the people to come together and work for the good of it.


Ramani has never questioned anyone about their background, their beliefs or political preference; he has simply rolled up his sleeves and worked side by side with any and everyone who is willing to help. He is so capable of bringing people together and getting things done that a number of us have been asking him to run for a political office for years. It is refreshing to meet someone like Ramani who works hard in the community without a personal or political agenda.

We have a great opportunity to deviate from the standard ugly face of politics and elect a stand-up person who really cares about our community. He is standing before us — his name is Sunder Ramani.


Instead of appreciating the sacrifices he and his family have made, we are standing on the sideline and allowing the media, his opponent and wealthy backers to defame his character. I will not stand on the sideline and allow this to take place without offering the truth about Sunder.

Ramani is a great man and we would be lucky to have him represent us in this district. If you have worked with him you know this is the case. Isn’t it time we stopped smearing the people that run for office and started recognizing their worth?

If we look at what Ramani has accomplished without holding a political office, just imagine what he can do when he goes to Sacramento as our Assembly representative.

If you are dissatisfied with what is going on in our great state and in our local communities, then don’t settle for mediocrity. Vote your conscience and your heart on Election Day; vote for Sunder Ramani. You will not be disappointed in his performance and the integrity he will bring to Sacramento.


Cheryl Williams-Khoury


Good job for allowing in atheists, too

Thank you to the Glendale News-Press for including Roberta Medford, an atheist, in your In Theory section (“In Theory: Scoring on the Religion Quiz,” Oct. 7).


There are lots of people out here who agree with her, and it’s nice to see this viewpoint published among the other beliefs.

Lyn Joyce

La Crescenta