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Hatred doesn’t belong in church

There were many reasonable answers to the question of church and homosexuality (“In Theory: The church and gay lifestyles,” Oct. 28), but a few spoke of it as if it were an illness to be cured by prayer, rather than an immutable trait, such as eye color.

Rabbi Simcha’s answer should be a universal truth — that hatred does not belong in a place of worship.

I love Rev. C.L. Lindeman! His clear, humane and common-sense stances reflect true Christian values.

Some leaders of any religion infuse their own personal beliefs and hatreds into the teachings, in effect twisting a message of love toward all people of good will into something that suits their own agendas.


I believe that this is a factor affecting the decision of many to become atheists, who have seen the hypocrisy inherent in this dishonest and mean-spirited practice.

Roberta Medford presents a significant point — that we have more important things to worry about.

Greedy chief executives of big corporations are ruining God’s creation, and cutting jobs and wages even as they collect record profits. I think that if Jesus were alive, he’d be warning of the dangers of rampant corporatism, rather than railing against gay kids who’ve never hurt anyone in their lives.

Jennifer Rabuchin



We need 6-month halt on foreclosures

President Obama balks at foreclosure freeze. Democrats press for a nationwide moratorium, but some say it would backfire. I don’t agree. If the banks and mortgage companies are responsible for lending easy money for home loans, they should be penalized for it, or at least feel some pain for the giveaways.

They processed it for the buyers who didn’t qualify for it in the long run and got them in a financial hole.

Rep. Maxine Walters reiterated her call for a nationwide moratorium on foreclosures. She is among numerous lawmakers and advisory groups that have pressed the administration to do more. Obama’s response to the problem so far has been disappointing and hard to fathom, said one critic.

Obama could use the president’s bully pulpit to call for a six-month halt on foreclosures to find a way to allow people to stay in their homes, at least for a restricted period in order to settle their debts.

What’s the big problem? Let’s do it. Besides, an investigation will look at whether the banks have violated foreclosure laws.

Wesley Greene




Save water by using a rain gauge


Now is the time to have a rain gauge or just a straight-up can (away from under trees) in your yard.

You can see exactly how much rain fell while you were away and avoid unnecessary lawn/yard watering.

John Lajeuness

La Crescenta