Homeless veterans need housing help

I share L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich’s joy at the placement of 1,200 homeless dogs over the past several years (“Political Landscape: Antonovich stands up for furry friends,” Nov. 11).

I hope he can do the same for homeless people, especially our veterans. One rapid re-housing solution is to use the hundreds of properties owned by the California Department of Transportation that were originally acquired for the now-defunct Long Beach (710) Freeway extension surface route.

After long-term renters are given a chance to buy their homes, I suggest priority be given to homeless veterans. Neglected properties can be rehabilitated in Habitat for Humanity style with the able homeless providing sweat equity.

Los Angeles Councilman Paul Krekorian is working to get shelter and services for the growing number of homeless gathering in Sunland Park and along Foothill Boulevard in empty businesses and vacant lots. Glendale readies the National Guard Armory for the homeless winter shelter.


This is clearly a regional issue.

The Veterans Day edition of the News-Press also contained a letter to the editor from recently re-elected Rep. Adam Schiff calling for nonpartisan cooperation (“Putting the nation’s interests first,” Nov. 11). This is a perfect issue for California to show leadership in such unselfish behavior.

Sharon Weisman



Obama should focus on jobs

It may be a temporary item, but I think President Obama did not know enough about politics in this past campaign — the Republicans sure did.

I’ve lost confidence in Obama, but I still think he’s a good man — bright, with good ideas and principles. I was impressed by him for the first two years, except for in the health-care policy area. I hope he can resurrect himself.

People care about jobs, and that’s what he’s got to consider. The stimulus packages had merit, but jobs are prospect No. 1.

Wesley Greene