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City can take lesson from Glendale

Hooray for you. I for one will stand behind your objection to the city not revealing detailed information on employee bonuses. This money belongs to the citizens of Burbank and the bonuses need to be revealed.

This is not the time for anyone to be getting bonuses, raises, etc. People are struggling to get by and without a doubt these bonuses will create higher utility rates down the road. I am very disappointed in our city manager.

Glendale has the right attitude, as I know from when I was employed there. We didn’t get raises for several years due to the economy. That is good business.

Luella Noonan



Taxpayers have the right to know

Cheers to the Burbank Leader staff, especially reporter Gretchen Meier and Editor Dan Evans, for their investigative journalism and the most important, courageous editorial we’ve seen in our community paper for a long, long time (“Paper Won’t Be Bullied,” Dec.18).

We’d like to think our own city government is more forthcoming and open about its budget than some others. At least Councilman David Gordon seems reasonable and responsible.


But the City Attorney’s Office apparently fed you the kind of secretiveness and arrogant contempt for the public we’re seeing far too often in local, state and national government. So I, for one, am not too “amazed.” But we should not put up with it. At the very least, it’s stupid. If there is nothing to hide, why all the dodging?

Of course we as voters have a right to know the details you requested about how our taxes are spent! “Stick to your guns,” Dan and crew. If you do, I really think the people of Burbank will stand behind you.

There are so many community newspapers today that are little more than “feel-good” pabulum and advertising. It’s so nice to think we are getting an actual community newspaper again with real news and relevant opinion about things that concern every one of us.

Thank you! Tom Paine would be proud.

Richard Hebert


Employee pensions are outrageous

Congratulations to you for pursuing the story of Burbank city employee bonuses (“City Council calls for ‘careful discussion’ of employee bonuses,” Dec. 18). Please keep it up. It’s a pleasant surprise to see what we consider to be a left-leaning publication take on this issue.


It is our feeling that one of the things pulling the country down is that public employee unions have taken control of the politicians and are demanding outrageous pay and benefits, which is helping to bankrupt government.

We are at the point that it is almost impossible to be elected to local office without the backing of the public employee unions. Once elected, the unions must be repaid at taxpayer expense.

The public is entitled to know what is going on and we can only learn through publications like yours.

When you are finished with the bonus issue, we suggest you look into, and publish, information about public employee pensions and retirement benefits, which are outrageous.

Bill and Dorothy Murray


Thanks for no sidewalk

The neighbors lining on the 1800 to 1900 Screenland Drive wish to thank Councilmen David Gordon, Jess Talamantes and Gary Bric for voting against installing a sidewalk on our block.


It is a rare day in City Hall when the people’s voices are heard. Our concerns for safety were acknowledged by these public servants.

It is encouraging to feel not all politicians are about unnecessary spending at taxpayers’ expense.

Again, thank you.

Janet Strong