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Close Verdugo bike lane, reopen pool

I have lived between Clark and Verdugo for 52 years. I rode my bicycle as a child and an adult on Verdugo Avenue and never had a problem. My children rode their bikes, and they never experienced problems, either.

The night they had their new bike lanes open on Verdugo, there was a car accident on the corner of my street and Verdugo.

I have never felt uncomfortable riding my bicycle on Verdugo, but now I am uncomfortable driving my car on that street with the city’s new bike lanes.

There are hardly any bicycle riders on that street — why make it so difficult for motorists?


One more thing, shame on this city for having the Verdugo pool closed for years. A lot of people learned to swim because of that pool.

Please put Verdugo Avenue back to normal and reopen the pool.

Donna Lowande




Thumbs-up to Leader for its investigations


Kudos to you for your Jan. 1 column, “Serving our readers into 2011,” about possible nepotism and irresponsible financial policies on the part of the city of Burbank. You have done an outstanding public service by turning over rocks to expose shady actions by public officials.

Steve Asimow



Public deserves details of bonuses



I do believe the public is entitled to know how much, who got the bonus, and why they received it (“The public’s right to know,” Dec.11).

The money is not private-sector money and is public record. Every single dollar the city spends should be accounted for so the public can see.

I wonder if some of the current and former city employees would like to write in and tell us if they ever got a cash bonus. Why not honor all the hard-working city employees and use the money for a one-day event at a city park and we could all come out and thank them for their hard work and meet them in person!

I believe the way it used to work was when an employee went above and beyond the call of duty, they received a nice letter in their file or recognition from the City Council. Then when a job opening came up, it was a plus and incentive to move up the ladder for higher pay. Will the bonus handed out become the new stealth pay raise and now be expected like clockwork each year?

Is this how the problem in the city of Bell started? The people have the right to know how much and what their money is being spent on, and to have a say.

Mike Hoblinski