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Gordon’s mayoral time has come

Burbank City Council members defied tradition and spitefully bypassed Councilman David Gordon for the post of mayor.

With a new mayoral selection coming, it is hoped that the council majority will rise above the sandbox level with actions more closely resembling maturity.

Paul H. Wangsness



Pick up after your dogs, people

I know there’s unrest in the Middle East and bad economy, but can’t you people at least pick up your dog’s poop?

Especially you lazy dog owner who visited Stough Canyon last Sunday around 3:30 p.m. Thanks to you, I spent an hour washing my dog, the car and myself after my dog rolled in your dog’s wonderful fresh “do.” Really, thanks a lot.

I have two dogs. It takes three seconds to pick up after them. Pick it up!


Venla Mäkelä


Businesses need to turn down the music

Are there any local businesses that do not have rock music blaring?

We hear it at Ralphs, Rite-Aid, Kmart, PetSmart, Payless Shoes, IHOP, Shakey’s, Taco Bell, Pinkberry, Chase bank, Hometown Buffet and many other stores. Often we have to ask the manager to turn it down because it is so loud.

Do business owners think that their customers’ shopping and dining experience is enhanced by them being forced to hear loud rock music? Think again.

Steve and Teri Thompson


La Crescenta