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It’s time to cast your vote

One hundred years ago, California women gained the right to vote — by a margin of 240 votes.

That’s right, just 240 citizens choosing to cast their ballots made the difference. They rode their horses and buggies down mountain roads, across deserts and along bumpy rural tracks, or took trolleys and walked blocks in cities.

In short, all of them had to stop work and make a real effort to cast their ballots. Today, all Burbank voters have to do to cast their votes is get their ballots back to the City Clerk by Tuesday. The League of Women Voters would like to see at least 240 more votes cast in the election on April 12 than on Feb.22.

Come on Burbank. You can do it.


Chris Carson and Joan Hardie


Editor’s note: Carson and Hardie are co-presidents of the League of Women Voters Glendale/Burbank.