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Lessons abound in alcohol incident

To the students who think it was unfair that Burroughs High School Principal Emilio Urioste canceled the varsity baseball team’s season and fired the coaching staff over a matter of underage drinking: Let it be a lesson.

Yes, your older siblings probably got away with a lot more. And many of your parents almost surely did. But this is a different age. You are expected to be college-ready by the time you reach the 10th grade; media machines expect you to grasp concepts as adults; and your parents are much more litigious than theirs were.

You may not think that’s fair, but then, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed since the older generations blazed the nefarious trails. It’s this all-true saying: Life isn’t fair.

If it’s one thing this incident should leave with you, it’s not how unfair it was that an entire team and coaching staff was punished for the actions of a subgroup. No, it’s that if you’re part of a group, you will be judged collectively — especially in the workplace.


So it might behoove you to hold your peers accountable the next time they’re confronted with making a decision that could potentially bring you down as well.