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Children deserve smokeless air

I think Tony Bruno has his facts wrong in regard to secondhand smoke (“Smoking restrictions set to expand,” April 30).

The City Council is not passing smoking restrictions to punish the smoker. Our first priority is the children, and the restrictions are meant to protect them.

The smoker is old enough to protect himself, but the children deserve clean air.

Lee Brandt



Burroughs’ ‘A Chorus Line’ was a winner

The weekend of May 13-15 was filled with three wonderful performances of “A Chorus Line” at John Burroughs High School.

We went to see the show on Friday night and it was so exceptionally outstanding that we went back Saturday and Sunday. We saw the national company of “A Chorus Line” at the Ahmanson Theatre two years ago, and this production was better.


We wish to congratulate the drama department teacher, Guy Myers, for producing and directing this wonderful program. He has no budget to present musical theater and must do everything with donations, and yet it was a very classy production.

He was fortunate to have so many gifted singers and dancers, but it was obvious that his teaching skills produced the dramatic performances that had the audience moved from laughter to tears.

We also want to compliment the Burroughs High principal for allowing the show to go on in the original non-sanitized version and treating the audience with respect.

Elliott and Esther Porter