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Don’t give more money to DeBell

I am sorely disappointed in Mayor Jess Talamantes’ remark that the DeBell Golf Course is too big to not rescue and thus, we must “bail” them out (“Council OKs rescue of DeBell,” June 11).

DeBell Golf Club already owes the city a huge sum and is unable to pay that back. Why would Talamantes think another $1 million to $2 million would become anything but more money owed with no means to recover it?

Other necessary and important departments of the city suffer from budget cuts, which in turn strain their effectiveness to protect the citizens of Burbank.

Come on now, give it some serious thought.


June Box


Tired of all the council buffoonery

So our astute Mayor Jess Talamantes thinks the hilly DeBell Golf Club is a “jewel” (“City approves loan package to cash-strapped DeBell Golf Course,” June 8).


Well, I’ve got a 10-year-old Timex watch I’ll let him buy cheap, $2,000. Of course, you know how Councilman Gary Bric was going to vote, with all the golfers going to his restaurant bar to drink after a round.

I just wish more people in Burbank would vote so we could possibly do away with all this buffoonery on our City Council.

Steve Urbanovich


Voters at fault for letting council reign

While Burbank citizens face increases in water and refuse rates, the city’s library and fire department face cuts, the public is slated to get higher dog license fees and new licensing fees for cats, City Council members still insist on funding a losing venture (“Council OKs rescue of DeBell,” June 11).

DeBell, the municipal golf course that benefits a small, select group, received a $1-million city loan with another $1 million in reserve, if more money is needed to keep this operation afloat. Council members who authorized the loan no doubt did so because DeBell is the local playground for Councilman Gary Bric and his cronies.

So, while a few folks enjoy an afternoon on the greens and good cheer at the 19th hole in the newly built multimillion-dollar clubhouse that resembles a private country club edifice, we taxpayers who are struggling to pay our bills get saddled with more costs and diminished city services.


It’s easy to blame council members for this mess, but the real fault lies with Burbank registered voters who do not take the time to vote in municipal elections. If we don’t vote out of office those council members who place their priorities above the greater good of the community, this is the kind of representation we get.

Burbank is still better off than other California cities, but if council members Bric, Dave Golonski and Jess Talamantes remain in office, in the not-too-distant future we might find ourselves experiencing Maywood, Compton or Bell’s plight.

Molly Shore