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There is no bonus to bonus payouts

So, let’s see, Burbank didn’t want bonus payments published, but a judge ruled otherwise and now Burbank taxpayers have to pay almost $40,000 for court costs — money that could have been used by the Boys & Girls club, library, etc.

Also, who can we thank whereby employees will continue to be eligible for bonus payouts because they’re written into their contracts (“Bonus payouts tally $4 million,” July 3)? A $7 million increase in pension costs because these bonuses contributed to Burbank’s $8.7-million budget gap.

A former city manager tells us she saw employee “morale” suffer after the bonus disclosures in Glendale.

How about the low “morale” suffered by children and families with no Verdugo park pool for three years now.


Rescuing the DeBell golf course for a privileged few was more important.

Shame on Burbank “leaders.”

Jeanne Torok



A riddle for the Leader’s readers

Name the city:

Squandering politicians.

Ingenuous manager.

Top-heavy, money-grubbing staff.

Bloated workforce.

Apathetic, victimized citizenry.

Bell? No, but starts with a B.


Paul H. Wangsness