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Not all DeBell golfers are ‘privileged’

I take exception to Tom Walker’s depiction of those of us who play golf at DeBell as upper class and “privileged” (“Voters: Don’t forget council’s choices,” July 17).

I’ve worked for 58 years, starting with a paper route that included the Sunday Examiner and Times and voluntary collections for the Burbank Review when I was 10 years old. I came to the game of golf late in life, taking lessons with my son and daughter at DeBell when they were in their early teens.

I continue to play golf there with my daughter at least twice a month. DeBell is a fun and demanding course that is well maintained, and Burbank should be proud to have such a facility.

Burbank parks and recreation officials offer a variety of athletic programs for all residents. I don’t play softball, basketball or volleyball, but there are senior leagues. I don’t picnic or romp in the city parks, but I know that many residents enjoy that activity and Burbank makes it available. I don’t walk or bike on the Chandler Bikeway, but many do.


I do miss the Verdugo Pool, having spent most of my summers in the 1950s jumping off the high dive with my three brothers. The point here is that Burbank has something for everyone, and I just happen to like playing golf.

Sam Ewing