Residents shouldn’t sit this one out

Burbank2035 — a somwhat confusing blob of letters and numbers. But don’t let the title fool you.

Consider this: more traffic on city streets, dog parks, big-box retailers, public transit, bike lanes — all topics that typically come up in conversation when either admonishing or praising life in Burbank. At times, our power over these quality-of-life issues may seem nonexistent, but you’ll recall “Burbank2035.”

The title denotes the update to the city’s master plan for development, growth, public amenities, etc. And what comes out of it depends largely on public participation.

A recent public input meeting attracted just two people. Should two voices have such a heavy hand in guiding the future of an entire city? Luckily, the city’s rolled out an engaging website,, where the participation rate seems a bit higher.


Join the conversation, make the suggestions and weigh in on the ideas. This is one of the few opportunities when every opinion is included in an official draft, combed over and publicly considered. Don’t be bashful.