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Walmart would be a good addition

My husband and I moved to Burbank in 1963. Our motto has been “live here, buy here.”

Burbank has so much to offer with a variety of businesses and Walmart would be a good addition (“Walmart detractors line up to say no,” Aug. 13).

It will bring jobs and, who knows, maybe I will get one as a “Walmart Greeter.”

We vote in favor of Walmart.


Anita Vennari


Lessons learned from mistaken catnapping

I’m writing because somebody recently came to my house, put food out for my 20-year-old cat, captured her and took her to the Burbank animal shelter, where I retrieved her the next day.


I know that it’s partially my fault for not having a collar on her. She has one now. I just wanted to let people know that if the cat is feral, it usually will not come to them. If the cat is in the same yard, day after day, the cat probably lives there. Most importantly, before you take a cat out of someone’s yard, please knock on a door or two to see if the cat belongs there before you put the poor animal through that kind of stress.

On another note, I found out at the shelter that it is now mandatory to have cats registered and given microchips. So people out there, please don’t take it upon yourself to diagnose an animal to be sick. Knock on a couple doors. Who knows, maybe you can meet a new friend.

Susan Deal