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Walmart is no different than other big chains

In response to previous letters concerning Walmart perhaps opening a store at the Great Indoors property, it seems like all the people that oppose a Walmart store in Burbank are obviously not, or have ever been, Walmart shoppers.

All of their negative claims against Walmart are hearsay. Walmart is really no different than Target or Kmart, so what makes them OK instead? Low wages? Chinese-made products? Nothing different than the other two stores.

Walmart has all the same major brands from Revlon to Loreal, Kellogg’s to Oroweat, Wrangler to Dickies, and at better prices. Maybe these people should look at the tag on their JC Penney or Kohl’s clothing lines and notice where most of that stuff is made, not in the USA!

Mom and Pop stores threatened? Most privately owned businesses do not sell the same type of products or to the same demographic of customers. Yet the three major grocery chains (giant companies, too) — and we know who they are — still overcharge for most of their products because they must pay high union wages to non-skilled workers.


As one other person commented, I will continue to take my money and go out of Burbank for my Walmart experience if necessary. And, it has been stated, Walmart owns that property and as long as they stay within zoning codes, they can do whatever they want with that property and the City Council’s hands are tied.

Al Howard