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Sensible ideas for the DeBell debate

I think that the DeBell Golf Club debate can be solved if a little common sense is used (“Golfers rally around DeBell,” Aug. 16).

Let me begin by saying that I am not a golfer, but I do think that DeBell, like the bike path, enhances Burbank.

I would put together a committee comprised of current golf course management, volunteer Burbank golfers and volunteer taxpayers interested in this issue. This committee would examine the current situation and formulate a plan. The No. 1 consideration is to recoup the loan for the city by making DeBell profitable. Money from that loan should be spent on Burbank workers and services, without nepotism or favoritism.

Since I am not a golfer, I don’t know if there are leagues in golf. Could the studios be invited to participate in tournaments? Can promotions like this be done?


This is just one idea that may or may not be viable, but it should be explored. There is PR work that is obviously needed, and that should also be kept in Burbank.

Let’s look at it this way: It’s an investment for Burbank, and by keeping that money in town it multiplies before it is even paid back. If the city is going to lend tax dollars to DeBell, the taxpayers should have a say in how that money is spent, and any economic benefits it brings.

This way, everybody that has a horse in the race gets to ride it.

Vic Cabrera