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Where’s the money for soap?

I have lived in the city of Burbank for more than two years now. When I visited city offices to put in planning permits for my house, I was pleasantly surprised by how clean and new the bathrooms there were. The same cannot be said for most of the restrooms we use at the parks in Burbank.

To put it plainly, most are an absolute disgrace. Case in point: George Izzay Park. My 4-year-old son had to go, let’s say, urgently. No doors on any cubicles, tiles fallen off due to neglect and, worst of all, no soap.

I have written before to parks officials about lack of soap in McCambridge Park. About two years ago, they reluctantly installed a soap dispenser. Their excuse for not installing? Vandalism.

Give me a break. The same dispenser is still in place two years later. I have never seen a city with lower rates of vandalism. Also, vandalism doesn’t seem to stop the city from erecting statues.


Here’s a challenge for city employees: Next time you need to go to the toilet, why not visit the lovely facilities at George Izzay Park and see how you like them. At the very least, put some soap in.

Next time, maybe I’ll check out the toilets at the DeBell Golf Club. I’m sure they’re very nice.

I don’t like to criticize, but a picture tells a thousand words. The city has a million dollars for DeBell, but doesn’t have $10 for soap.

Shame on you Burbank. I hope no bonuses are going the way of parks and recreation officials this year.


Tom Bromhead