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Those who oppose Walmart are dazed, hazy

The irrational sign-wavers are out in uber-emotional force decrying Walmart and its imminent opening in Burbank (“Protesters rally against Walmart,” Sept. 20).

They claim to be worried about potential job losses in Burbank if Walmart opens, but in their dazed and hazy excitable states they overlook that there have been at least three other large vacancies in Empire Center in the past few years that were in no way attributable to Walmart.

Further, but wholly ignored by the antis, the currently vacant, non-profit producing, non-employing, non-wage-paying Great Indoors went out of business all on its own — Walmart had nothing to do with that failure, either.

There have been many businesses large and small that have closed in Burbank in recent years and many that have opened. Walmart will simply be another newcomer.


Walmart will bring to Burbank jobs and taxes. Until then, I’ll continue enjoying the free entertainment by the fact- and reality-challenged antis.

Tom Celli