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Bicyclist ignored his own stop sign

I am so glad to see the Nov. 9 story, “Bike collisions on the rise,” as I’m hoping there is someone out there that might offer free bicycle traffic tips or a class in the community.

I was recently driving down Whitnall Highway and made a complete stop at the Chandler bike intersection. Seeing no pedestrians, vehicles or bicycles at the time, I proceeded across.

To my right, a bicyclist who was speeding down the path came to a screeching halt, flipped me off, and screamed that I should have stopped for him before continuing eastward up the bike path.

Worried that I missed some new signage, I turned around and got out of my car to see if there was a stop sign for the cyclist, or if I needed to increase my sight down the lane. Sure enough, there was a stop sign that he ignored. And with the new landscaping and tree planting along the path, it’s not easy to see cyclists further down the lane.


I hope someone can help cyclists and motorists to be safer in these areas.

Karen Bradfield