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City should hit scofflaws in their wallets

I’ve read the recent letters regarding bicycle scofflaws with great interest because I am in full agreement with them and I sympathize with their frustrations with the city government (“Educate drivers, not bicyclists” Nov. 23).

Whether it is distracted drivers speeding on residential streets, chronic water wasters or bicyclists ignoring stop signs on Kenneth while riding side by side, they are all scofflaws who are willfully violating the laws and often endangering themselves and others by their actions.

Our so-called city leaders believe that educating the scofflaws will resolve the problems. They are willing to spend a lot of money to hire private consultants to conduct the “educational” classes.

Well, they are ignorant of reality. Scofflaws know the rules and are determined to violate them to their own advantage or convenience.


Whether it is bad drivers and bicyclists or water wasters, Burbank needs to actually enforce the laws and aggressively ticket the scofflaws by hitting them where it hurts most —in their wallets.

Thomas Saito