Where was the community input?

The whole smart meter issue should have been presented to the community as a whole before forcing it into action.

I bet that list of 117 opt-outers would swell to the thousands if the community knew of such a list before installation (“Grappling with the opt-out question,” Nov. 26). I understand many counties across the country have banned their use indefinitely. Burbank and Glendale could have acted more responsibly from the start.

It’s impossible to measure the health risk equally from a small child to an adult that has battled many forms of cancer. The sensitivity of individuals has to be taken into account. I hope to remain one of the opt-outers.

Also, as the cycling culture grows in cities like Burbank, I find it refreshing that we are trying at least to educate those cyclists who prefer to ride as to the hazards of their activities.


Yes, we will always have those who prefer to break the rules, just like motorists, but I’m glad to see a new generation who enjoys an outside activity instead of eyeballing their TV for hours on end.

Alice Howell