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How to keep Walmart out

A recent pepper spraying incident at a Walmart store in Porter Ranch where an angry female shopper injured 20 people, with the shooting of two people in the parking lot of a Walmart store in San Leandro, should be proof enough that Burbank does not need this retailer in our midst.

In addition to the excessive traffic it will generate, Walmart attracts many people of criminal or disreputable character who are prone to violence.

City Council members, notably Mayor Jess Talamantes, say there is nothing they can do to keep Walmart from opening in Burbank. Not true. The city can attempt to keep the corporate giant from opening its doors here by conducting a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report. It will prove that former Empire Center tenant The Great Indoors did not generate the volume of traffic that Walmart will bring into this area.

The reports are expensive, but it’s a much better use of taxpayer money than the millions of dollars Burbank has thrown away on employee bonuses and a failing municipal golf course.


Molly Shore