Can’t wait for Walmart to arrive

I don’t usually express my opinion in a local newspaper, but after reading yet another negative comment about Walmart coming to Burbank (“How to keep Walmart out,” Dec. 11), I felt like I needed to say something.

I am hoping that others have written to your paper to express positive support for Walmart coming to Burbank, and that many of them have been published. I have lived in Burbank for more than 30 years and love this community. I shop at Empire Center and am so thankful it is there, and business appears to be thriving.

Having Walmart in the now-vacant building would bring more jobs, more tax revenue for the city, more options. Isn’t that a great thing, especially in this economy?

Target is one of my favorite stores, but I also like to shop at Walmart. Now I won’t have to drive so far.


So, this is just a vote from me: Let Walmart move to Burbank.

Kathy Neal