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Crime isn’t any worse at Walmarts

I’m writing in rebuttal to the Dec. 11 letter “How to keep Walmart out” in the News-Press & Leader.

First, the writer forgot to mention the lady at Walmart in Tulsa who was arrested for allegedly mixing meth in the store.

That being said, crime is all around us. The people who were shot up in Hollywood by a guy who snapped, and the guy in Rialto shot and killed at Taco Bell in April after he handed over his wallet and valuables.

Then there’s the alleged shoplifter in the Burbank Kmart who used a police officer’s gun against the officer and his partner, and the CVS on San Fernando that has been robbed.


To say that Walmart is a center for criminal activity is just wrong. Walmart doesn’t draw in criminals any more than other retailers.

Susan Deal