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Walmart is not to blame for Chinese goods

I will try to cover everything.

The area where Walmart is going to be located is isolated from the rest of the Empire Center. They have their own large parking lot and traffic is always awful in that area.

It’s hard to find American-made items at Walmart? It’s hard to find American made items at any store. The U.S. may view China with suspicion, but it’s our corporations sending the work over there.

Encourage workers to go to the emergency room? The person still has to pay for it, out of pocket. It’s hard to find work anywhere that offers affordable health care.


Food stamps? Because corporations are sending their business overseas we can’t find a decent job to support our families. If the good Lord has blessed you with enough cash to spend foolishly, then good for you. As for me, I will take and spend it on the same item at Walmart at a lower price.

I’ll bet if you remove everything in your home that was made in China, and I remove everything made in the U.S., I will not have to remove much and your home will be empty. Even items that bear the “Made in the U.S.A.” mark more than likely have foreign components.

If you don’t want to shop at Walmart, don’t!

Susan Deal