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Penitent flautist mom wows music proprietor

My wife and I run Pedersen’s Band & Orchestra. We are school music retailers and we have been servicing the Burbank school music programs since 1971.

We had something happen yesterday that I would like Burbank to know about.

Around 5 p.m. we were a little busy at our store. I was dealing with a violin rental and had a few people coming in to buy music-related Christmas gifts.

A well-dressed woman came in the store and put what looked like a Christmas card on the counter. I said “Oh, is this for us?”


She said, “Yes it is — I spelled your name wrong, but it is for you.”

She then left and something told me I should open the envelope. When I did, I discovered it had $350 in cash inside. Without even reading the card, I ran outside to see if I could catch her to find out what this was all about.

I was too late — I saw her driving away in what looked like a late-model Honda.

Upon reentering my store I read the Christmas card. Here it is, word for word:


“Thank you so much is all I can say.

Four years ago, I rented a flute for my daughter but lost everything, including my home. But we kept going and my daughter kept playing. I’m sure you wrote off my debt as a loss and I don’t remember how much I owe, but I believe it to be around this much.

Since it has been written off, consider this cash a gift to do with as you please. All my love and prayers.

A grateful single Mom.”

My wife and I were speechless and we all cried. I can think of nothing that makes me feel more like Christmas than this.

People of good character remain of good character even when they are going through hard times. God bless this lady and her daughter.

We did our best, but we cannot remember this specific account. If she reads this, we would like her to know we plan on using the money to buy clothes for our kids.

John and Nedra Pedersen