Development will push horses out

I urge the homeowners in the Rancho District to hang in there and stick to their guns (“Rancho and its knee-jerk response,” Feb.11).

I feel strongly about this. I am not a horse owner, nor do I live in the Rancho District, but I think this proposed new development is but the first salvo in what eventually will become the loss of all horses in the district.

After the beautiful new houses are built, the landscaping in, and the new owners settled, the complaints will begin. The odors, the dust, the inconvenience of “looking out” for horses, etc. — all geared to persuading city officials that horses are incompatible to an urban setting.

And don’t think that it won’t happen — not today, not tomorrow, but within a few years. Look at other areas of the San Fernando Valley, where owners of new homes have pushed out the long-time owners and their horses over their objections.


Please don’t let that happen in Burbank.

Denise Ruhlow