Threatening nightmare scenarios

In your editorial (“Rancho and its knee-jerk response,” Feb.11) you have accurately described the developer, New Urban West, as “salivating” to turn the trophy property that is the GM training center into 50 postage stamp-size lots, each bursting with a two-story house.

You also correctly tipped the hat to the Rancho residents, who are active and engaged in their opposition to this new attempt at trashing the neighborhood, but neglected to mention the reasons for their opposition, instead choosing to classify their activism as a mindless reaction and their preference for property use, a “horses’ playground.”

However, Bert Ring’s editorial cartoon portrayed what this developer hopes to walk away with from their planned destruction of a beautiful and unique Burbank neighborhood: a suitcase bulging with money.

It’s a shame that the newspaper that claims to be “serving the Burbank community since 1901” resorts to carrying water for a big outside developer who, like you, threatens Rancho residents with B-movie nightmare scenarios if they don’t capitulate.


Mary Schindler