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Schiff should add his name to resolution

It has been a little over two years since the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, gave us Citizens United. This decision held that, for purposes of freedom of speech, corporations are deemed to be “persons” and that the limitation on political contributions provided for in the McCain-Feingold legislation was unconstitutional.

This decision has been described by many, including our congressman, Adam Schiff (D-Burbank), as one of the worst ever. Schiff called the decision a “disaster for the political process.” He stated: “Sadly, our fears about the decision have become fully realized as anonymous donors pollute the electoral system with potentially hundreds of millions in undisclosed spending” (“Occupy group protests Citizens United decision,” Jan. 22).

Because the decision was decided on Constitutional grounds, the only way to reverse the result is by constitutional amendment. This process starts with Congressional action.

With such strong feelings you would think Schiff would be doing something to rectify this deplorable situation. Sadly, he has done nothing.


What could he do? He could sign on to co-sponsor House Joint Resolution 90. This resolution calls for Congress to propose an amendment to the Constitution to repeal the democracy-threatening results of the Citizens United decision.

Recent reports in local newspapers have described the efforts of a group of concerned citizens in the Glendale-Pasadena-San Gabriel Valley to urge Schiff to step up and take this important step to return our democratic government to the people. Why does he hesitate? Why not join neighboring Congresswoman Judy Chu in sponsoring HJR 90?

Schiff’s failure to act on this important issue is not only disappointing, but deplorable. We deserve better.

Frederick Fox