Thank you to a retiring veterinarian

Dr. Martin Small was our family’s vet for over 40 years. One day a cat jumped over the fence and almost scratched out our sheltie’s eye. It was hanging by a thread.

As a young couple we were struggling financially. My husband said, “If it will be more than $100, we will have to let her go.”

Crying, I told this to Marty. He did surgery to save her eyesight, and lovingly nursed her back to health, including hospitalization, intravenous feedings, medications, etc. Three weeks later when we were able to take Blond Beauty home Marty gave us the bill totaling $99.99!

As much as we appreciated the financial help, we appreciated his compassion and his love of his animal and human friends much more.


Congratulations Marty on 50 years as an extraordinary veterinarian, on your retirement, and on your “new” career at the Burbank Animal Shelter!

Lynne G. Schwalbe