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Council should block cell tower

I live near the Little White Chapel, as well as Bret Harte Elementary School, Luther Burbank Middle School and Village Christian Toddler Center. My husband and I have lived in our house for 21 years, as long as we’ve been married. We have two children.

There have been so many times throughout my life here that I have looked out my window and admired the quaint, lovely, and peaceful Little White Chapel.

I’ve often thought how lucky we are to live near a house of worship, as well as to be able to look out and gaze at the beautiful church and steeple with its cross at the top.

T-Mobile intends to erect a cell tower there. I now wonder if they will remove the cross and put a giant “T” there. Allegedly, the roof will be raised 11 feet to accommodate and house the cell tower that will require noisy air conditioning units and a huge box to contain it all.


I do not believe I will ever be able to look at this church again with the same admiration and appreciation if this cell tower is installed.

I am horrified and saddened that the church members are looking forward to this eyesore. It seems the almighty dollar is more important to some than maintaining a welcoming sanctuary and neighborhood.

Mayor Talamantes and City Council members, please stand by your local residents on May 22 and stop a process that should never have begun in the first place.

Angela Wiegand