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Council is development-crazy

After looking up at the hills from our house in Burbank for so many years, I was surprised recently by machinery busily cutting down a hilltop and preparing to install a new giant domicile above Elmwood Drive. Now I will no longer have to look at those ugly hillsides and dark starlit night skies. Instead, I will be able to enjoy a giant, brightly lit box. And the wildlife that my children enjoyed watching on the hillsides will finally be locked away from our sight.

After pondering this situation, I realized that the best thing to do is to completely cover these ugly hills with new beautiful boxes. So I am starting a campaign whose slogan will be, “Don’t Stop until You’ve Covered the Top!”

I am certain our development-crazy council and planning board are in total agreement with this concept, as it provides tax dollar income instead of wasteful natural space. So please join my campaign and together we will get these blighted hillsides covered and done away with once and for all.

Terence Curren