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Burbank City Council is a high school clique

Golonski is elected to a fourth term as Burbank mayor. Are you kidding me?

I cannot believe the high school clique masquerading as a city council.

I have not always agreed with Dr. David Gordon and I sometimes think he has been a bit of a conspiracy theorist in his thinking (although you wonder, with all the court cases the city has on its hands), but come on. He was elected by voters in this city, he should have a chance to be mayor at least once. To my knowledge, Talamantes was only council member one term or year before becoming mayor.

Burbank to me is thriving compared to many cities across California, but that doesn’t mean it should be business as usual in the council. I’m so glad the council has learned how to be adversarial just like our pathetic Congress, which cannot get anything done for this country or working people.


Sean C. Harkess