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Gambling on a cell tower

I am a homeowner in Burbank and reside a block from the proposed T-Mobilecell phone tower at the Little White Chapel. I am vehemently opposed to this tower because it is being placed in our residentially zoned neighborhood.

If these cell phone towers are not harmful, then why does my real estate agent tell me that it is my legal responsibility to disclose to potential buyers of my home that a cell tower resides within 1500 feet of my house? If they pose no danger, why do I have to say anything at all?

My husband is in remission from advanced stage 4 lymphoma. His immune system is already compromised. My 6-year-old son’s body isn’t even fully developed. Why do we gamble with the chance that these towers, placed so close to our homes and schools, are safe? The research is inconclusive regarding the potential harm it poses. I know they exist nearby in commercial zones, but do we really need them to encroach in our residential zones too?

We moved to Burbank because we love its traditional charm, it’s great school system, its energy. We are proud to call it our home. But I am appalled that my city council would let this happen to our beautiful neighborhoods. If it happens in my Burbank neighborhood, then it will happen in all Burbank neighborhoods. Would Vice Mayor Dave Golonski be able to sleep at night if he lived next to the chapel with the constant, annoying noise and his own decreased property value?


Are a few less dropped calls, the diminished integrity of our lovely neighborhoods and several hundred angry (and voting!) neighbors worth it?

Julie Fisher