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School board passing the buck?

Is the school board passing the buck regarding children’s long-term safety?

So far, the school board has given a tepid response to the proposed installation of a T-Mobile cell tower on N. Avon Street.

While the superintendent says he opposes towers placed on school property, he hasn’t taken a stance on those placed near schools. What difference does it make if you don’t allow them on your property but don’t oppose them when they’re being installed right next door?

Some board members say the issue is beyond their control, but I believe they underestimate their influence with the City Council and the mission with which they have been charged. Their job is to help educate and keep our children safe during school hours. That’s hard to achieve when a cell tower is running non-stop within 600 feet of your kid’s classroom.


Even if you believe the jury is out on the dangers of cell tower emissions, there is surely enough evidence to err on the side of caution, especially when the lives of children are at stake. The school board should stop passing the buck and take a strong stance on this issue. Pressure the City Council to vote “no” on this installation.

Venla Makela