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The pool and other bureaucratic dealings

If it had taken as long to build the Burbank police and fire station the first time around as it has taken to redo the Verdugo Pool, then maybe the people of this city would not have had to pay for the police and fire station to be redone.

If we are lucky, the Verdugo Pool, after five years of being closed, will reopen to many kids and adults that have been deprived of having fun summers there.

After the pool is done maybe we will see more bike riders in the bike lanes on Verdugo. What a hazard it is to drive on that street with those empty bike lanes. They don’t need to be there because they are not being used.

I do thank the city for taking out a parkway tree in front of a house we own, after 21 years of our asking for the removal. Being persistent does help at times.


I wish someone would take a walk down our street and see the awful job that has been done on our sidewalks. It is an accident waiting to happen. Also, when they replaced the curbs, most of the house numbers were taken off. The city should replace the numbers that were taken off by the street workers.

We are blessed to live in this fine city. Using a little common sense will make it even better.

Donna Lowande